Information Technology/Engineering Building
Information Systems Department
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250

Phone: (410) 455-3883
Fax: (410) 455-1531

Research Mission: Our mission is to investigate the design, implementation, and evaluation of interactive systems with the purpose of supporting the development of systems that are both usable and accessible. Our emphasis is two-fold: theoretical contributions and practical results. Through theoretical contributions, we advance our knowledge and understanding of how humans interact with information technologies. Through practical results, we improve the lives of those individuals that interact with these technologies. Our current work is highlighted below. Earlier efforts are documented in publications.

Collaborative editing
Context-aware adaptation in mobile environments
Content-based document conversion
Cross-cultural effect on computer-mediated communication or group decision-making
Cross cultural HCI and user interface design
Data entry for mobile devices
Designing effective distributed documents
Evaluating evaluation techniques
Guidelines for Design and Measurement of Interface Consistency on the Web
Information visualization tools for intrusion detection
Instant messaging
Perceived Security in E-Commerce
Reusing digital information: Search histories in information system user interfaces
Revisiting SRT & productivity
Situationally-induced impairments and disabilities
Tools and techniques for developing effective user interfaces
Ubiquitous computing
Universal access to information technology